Mental Bandwidth

I haven’t written for a while largely because I fell off the wagon. Well, I mean I stopped cooking a lot, but I did start exercising more. And before that I was working really late (and achieving a major project at work). Instead of just falling over and giving up I’ve decided to really think about what’s happened and how to fix it (while crying over my restaurant spending this month).

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Mental Energy and Planning

So here’s how my normal eating plan went. I would think to myself, ugh, I need to eat properly and more cheaply, definitely that is a thing that needs to happen. It will happen as of now! Yay! Then I would work all day and come home and once I was in my house everything would be too hard and I would sort of drift around my kitchen and then think, stuff it, just this one time I’m going to just eat this random crap I have to hand, or go out and just eat in a restaurant. And then I would sit down with my bowl of cereal or packet of chips and relax, or I would stop at the restaurant on the way home because I’d worked hard and I deserved it.

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