It’s one of the ways you know you’re an adult, right? One day you just eat breakfast cereal for dinner, and no one can stop you! But then there’s the day when you eat breakfast for tea just because you can’t think of anything better to eat and it’s what’s in your cupboard. And it’s kind of depressing, but oh well? Then there’s the day you realise you’ve been doing it a lot. And that when you’re not feasting on rice bubbles you eat out. Or you eat a packet of chips. Or just…some random shit. Then you start shopping in order to have adequate random shit on hand, but since shopping requires thinking and thinking is hard you just buy a few boring and terrible things over and over. Which makes you want to eat out more, because out is where real food happens. For a price.

This is my blog about stopping doing that. Because I need something to keep myself accountable, and writing about things increases my focus on those things, and because maybe I’ll succeed and other people can learn from it! This won’t just be about food, it will be about living up to all kinds of good intentions that I have, from food to fitness to having an organised home not full of crap to managing my finances to any other life improvements I decide to focus on.

I want this to be a shame-free space. We all have reasons for not living up to our good intentions, and sometimes people are sick or busy or have other, higher priorities that mean they don’t always live the way they wish they did. I offer this to help you achieve you own goals, not to tell you what those goals should be. I can’t emphasise that enough. This is about choosing what you want from your life, not what society tells you to want.

And on that note, this is a diet-free place. I will talk about food, but I’m not interested in adding to the endless pile on of society telling you to be thinner.

Rather, this is about setting and fulfilling your own goals. Doing the stuff you keep intending to do but don’t. Living like an adult. Not eating cereal for tea because you can’t be bothered and cereal is tasty and easy and right there. Again.


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