Finding Time

I’ve been thinking about all of the various improvements I would like to make to my life, and how I struggle to find the time and energy to work on them. There are two interesting pieces currently influencing my thinking on this – this great cracked article by David Wong (see point 4), and this nifty YouTube video from Teoh Yi Chie, a guy I follow for water painting advice.

Both ask us what we’re doing instead of the things we want to be doing.

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The Importance of Small Steps

You’ve no doubt heard the quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (this is attributed to the Chinese philosopher Laozi). Generally it’s an exhortation to begin tasks, but recently I’ve also been thinking about how that thousand mile journey doesn’t just begin with a single step, it’s also constructed entirely of other, additional steps. Apparently there are about two thousand steps in a mile, so actually, a journey of a thousand miles is made of about two million steps. As a hiker this information appeals to me, but also I’ve been thinking about it a lot with regard to getting any large task done.

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Mental Bandwidth

I haven’t written for a while largely because I fell off the wagon. Well, I mean I stopped cooking a lot, but I did start exercising more. And before that I was working really late (and achieving a major project at work). Instead of just falling over and giving up I’ve decided to really think about what’s happened and how to fix it (while crying over my restaurant spending this month).

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